2024 Dime Beauty Review and Discount Code (Non Toxic)

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In this Dime Beauty Review I share my honest thoughts and the pros and cons of this non toxic skincare brand. Is Dime Beauty worth it?

December 10, 2021
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This honest Dime Beauty Review tells you all you need to know about this popular skincare brand and my experience with the products.

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*This post is NOT sponsored. I genuinely love and use these products*

dime beauty review

Dime Beauty Review – Who Are They?

Dime Beauty is a company dedicated to non toxic and sustainable beauty and skincare. I’m all for lessening our toxic load. Especially when it comes to the things we put on our skin. Ingredients matter!

I personally think they are one of the best in the clean beauty brand category. Clean skincare and makeup products are essential to health. As so many chemicals found in over the counter products are linked to endorcrine disruption.

They’ve been featured in Vogue, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Elle, and more.

Their popularity began to grow as people began to notice their love of ALL skin types. This all inclusive brand uses clean, simple ingredients that are scientifically proven to benefit the skin. As we age, our skin changes. Their products can be tailored to dry skin, oily skin, old skin, and young skin. They’ve  got ya covered.

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dime beauty review

Dime Beauty Review – What Do They Offer?

Dime beauty offers a wide variety of products from serums to perfumes to creams. There’s something for everyone.

Here’s a list of some best sellers:

Other popular Dime Beauty products include:

dime beauty review

Dime Beauty Review – Products I Own

I currently have and love the hyaluronic acid, the restorative night cream, and I’ve just started using the eyelash boost serum so we’ll see how it goes! Actually, it’s my eyebrows that could use some serious help, so I’ll be using it there too. 🙂

I LOVE the hydration these products give my skin. Hydration is so important for healthy happy skin.

My favorite thing to do is exfoliate with my Exfora wand to remove all the dead/dry skin build up. It’s AMAZING and I can’t believe I lived so ling without it. Seriously, you’ve got to try it.

Next I follow up with the acid, then moisturizer. My skin feels SO good. I’ll admit I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to skin care.

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Meaning, I don’t feel the need for a ton of products. I like to keep things simple. But when I find one I like, and my skin responds well to, I add it to my collection. I’m dying to try the TBT and hyper glow serums. I hear great things about the hyper glow!

I also think it’s important to rotate your skin care products every so often and not use the same product every single day for years. It keeps your skin on it’s toes and allows it to have a break every so often.

I find that my skin likes when I do this. I also have other favorites that I add to my rotation like simple witch hazel and oil for oil cleansing.

UPDATE: I purchased the TBT cream, TBT serum, and hyper glow and I am OBSESSED! The TBT cream is the best thing I’ve ever put on my face. It’s not oily but hydrates my skin so well.

I love it and use it every night before bed. I think these 3 products are by far my favorite and I love the hydration and smoothness they give my skin. These products are the only ones I see myself sticking with at this point in time.

dime beauty review

Dime Beauty Review – Pros and Cons


  • Non toxic
  • Low ratings on EWG Skin Deep
  • Variety of products
  • Inclusive for all skin types
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Sustainable
  • Offers bundles to save money
  • 60-day return window
  • Free shipping over $39
  • Dime Rewards Program


  • Price – While I personally consider them an affordable skin care brand, especially for being non toxic, I realize they may still be out of range for some people.
  • I recommend watching for sales and using my code “Jill” to save money! Purchasing a bundle can help you save money, too!
  • Small sizes. Or should I say lack of larger sizes. I’d really love the option to purchase a big container of my favorite TBT Cream!
dime beauty review

Dime Beauty Review – FAQ’s

Q: Is Dime a good brand?
A: I think so! They have many happy customers but everyone is different. You won’t really know if you like it till you try it!

Q: Is Dime Beauty a prescription?
A: There is no subscription! Purchase what you want, when you want.

Q: What is Dime Beauty known for?
A: Dime is known for their clean and skin inclusive skincare and beauty products.

Q: How long does Dime products last?
A: About 30-60 days depending on usage.

Q: Is Dime really clean?
A: Yes! Dime is very particular with the ingredients they use. I love typing in any ingredient I want to research into the EWG database to make sure it aligns with my standards.

Q: Are the products oil free?
A: No they are not. But oil is GOOD for the skin! (Yes even if you have oily skin!)

Q: Are the moisturizers greasy?
A: Nope! And that’s one of the reasons why I love this TBT Cream so dang much. It’s my favorite Dime Beauty product.

Q: Is Dime Beauty FDA approved?
A: Some products are, and some aren’t. If that’s important to you I would reach out to the company before purchasing to double check.

Q: How long does it take for the Dime Eyelash Serum to work?
A: The company recommends 60 days of consistency to see results.

Final Thoughts

I love Dime Beauty for their simple and non toxic formulations at affordable prices. But don’t take my word for it. Check out the thousands of customer dime beauty reviews on their website.

There’s a lot of Dime Beauty before and after reviews and photos. As well as Dime Beauty acne reviews.

Click here to shop their website, or here to shop on Amazon. There’s great customer reviews there, too! Dime Beauty bad reviews are hard to come by.

Please note that major skin transformations start from the inside. By cleaning up our diet, staying hydrated, and decreasing our toxic load, our skin can heal and our hormones can balance out.

Topical products are just the cherry on top! They can help keep our skin nourished and hydrated which is KEY to skin health.

Consistency is also key. Don’t expect your eyelashes to grow with one swipe of the eyelash growth serum. Don’t expect your fine lines to disappear with one slather of night cream. All good things take time! 🙂

Other than hydration (which I’m not complaining about) I haven’t noticed too many changes. However I am fairly new to Dime Beauty products and I believe with consistency I’ll see firmer skin and smaller pores!

Lastly, please don’t feel the need to have 20 skincare products on your face every night. Skin likes simplicity. Find a few products you love and rotate them while staying consistent.

My favorites are the TBT Cream, TBT Serum, and Hyper Glow Serum.

Looking for a Dime Beauty Discount Code? Use “Jill” to save 20% off your entire order!

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