The Healthy Home Guide Is Here!


Welcome!  Thanks for stopping by Simply Jillicious!  I’m Jill, the creator behind this food and lifestyle blog.  I didn’t always have a passion for all things food and nutrition.  In fact, when I was in college, I called my mom in tears because I couldn’t figure out how to cut an onion.  True story.  Fast forward to today – I LOVE cooking and creating in the kitchen!  I love learning about how food heals our body and protects us from disease.  Aaaand I just love eating.  Plain and simple.  🙂

I have come to understand through battling my own autoimmune disease (IBS) and a multitude of other health problems (chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivity, thyroid problems, chronic hives, gluten sensitivity, adrenal fatigue, overactive nerves, and so much more)  that eating real, whole foods is a BIG part of our overall health – but it’s only one aspect of the overall picture.  While my blog focuses primarily on food, I truly believe that our mind, body, and spirit all need the proper nourishment and care to thrive at optimal health!

Health looks different for everyone and is NOT a destination as I once thought.  It’s a way of life.  A continuous journey.  For me, the process of healing and discovering what my idea of health is, hasn’t been a linear process.  I’ve had LOTS of ups and downs along the way.  Starting this blog has helped me begin to come out of a very long “down” time I’ve experienced due to my poor health.  I’m grateful for this space that allows me to be creative and share my recipes with you!  I hope my recipes help others to eat healthy so they can feel their best and live their best life.


My Favorites

*Movie – Sound of Music
*Color – Grey…or gray?  How the heck do you spell grey?
*Cookies – Pecan chocolate chip cookies
*Child – Just kidding.  I love all my children.  Most days.
*Vegetable – Artichoke
*Fruit – Raspberries

Fun (and not so fun) Facts

*I have a fake tooth (not so fun)
*I was an Irish dancer in jr. high (fun!)
*I held weight lifting records in high school (fun!)
*I got married at the age of 19 (fun!)
*I don’t have an appendix (not so fun)
*I got diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) at age 19 (not so fun)
*There were 10 people in my family growing up (fun!)
*I hate touching raw chicken (not fun)
*I’m notorious for burning my mouth eating hot food (not fun)
*I’ve had two miscarriages (not so fun)
*I like to eat salad for breakfast (delicious!)