The Best Banana Bread Cookies (6 ingredients!)

Gluten free & paleo

These easy paleo banana bread cookies are a healthy treat the whole family will love. Their banana bread flavor is to die for! There's a vegan option as well.

March 11, 2024
Rating: 4.63
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If you’re in need of a way to use up those brown bananas sitting on your counter, look no further than these delicious gluten free banana bread cookies!

These healthy banana bread cookies are moist, naturally sweet, and only call for 6 simple ingredients – yay!

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banana bread cookies

I wanted to keep this paleo banana cookie recipe as simple as possible, using as few ingredients as I could.  I think I rose up to the challenge if I do say so myself.

Here’s what you’ll need to make these dairy free banana bread cookies – which, by the way, are vegan, gluten free, AND paleo!

Banana Bread Cookies – Ingredients

  • Almond flour – a great alternative to regular flour and commonly used in gluten free baking. It’s one of my favorite flours to bake with and gives a soft texture to baked goods.
  • Baking soda – gives these cookies a little rise.
  • Salt – avoid table salt when you can and opt for pure sea salt!
  • Bananas – the star of the show! Make sure to use overripe bananas as most of the sweetness in this recipe is from the bananas.
  • Maple Syrup – make sure to use maple syrup in it’s pure form.  It’s a great natural sweetener.
  • Cinnamon – Adds a little warmth to these banana bread cookies.

By using only a handful of ingredients, it allowed the banana flavor to really shine.  I mean, you can’t have banana cookies without banana!  And you’ll never guess these banana bread cookies are made without eggs.

banana bread cookies

These almond flour banana bread cookies are easy to make.  Like really easy.  Here’s what you do:

Banana Bread Cookies – How To Make

  • Mix up the dry ingredients (almond flour, baking soda, cinnamon, salt)
  • Mash the bananas with a fork and add them to the dry ingredients
  • Add in maple syrup and mix until combined
  • Scoop onto a parchment lined cookie sheet, flatten, and bake for 26-30 minutes.

I just can’t get over how ridiculously simple these are!!

banana bread cookies

If making an actual loaf of banana bread intimidates you, give this recipe a shot. They are practically fool proof and I know you’ll love them.  And if you have kids…they’re gonna go bananas over these!

banana bread cookies

Banana Bread Cookies – Tips

  • Don’t mash the bananas to death – keep a little texture in them!
  • Always measure the mashed bananas with measuring cups.  Don’t just guess by the size of the banana.
  • Ovens vary.  Keep an eye on them and take them out when the tops are golden brown and your kitchen smells like banana bread!
  • They will continue to set up as they cool, so for the best texture, let them come to room temperature.
  • I personally like the recipe as written, but listed a few optional add-ins for people wanting more flavor.  Also, my readers have added some yummy things with great success (like nut butter, flax seeds, oats etc.) so be sure to read the comments for more ideas!
  • If you love these cookies, you should try my banana split ice cream sandwiches!  They are DELISH!

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banana cookies

Banana Bread Cookies (gluten free, vegan)

These banana bread cookies are a fun healthy snack that are crazy easy to make. They call for only 6 ingredients but feel free to add in any of the optional ingredients!
4.63 from 112 votes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 28 minutes
Total Time 33 minutes


Optional Add-ins

  • 1 egg or sub 1 flax egg
  • 1/2 cup chocolate chips
  • 2 tablespoons nut butter
  • chopped nuts
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • extra 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • pinch ground cloves


  • Preheat the oven to 350℉ and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  • Add the almond flour, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon to a bowl and mix well.
  • Mash the bananas with a fork and add them to the dry ingredients (I mash, then measure).
  • Add the maple syrup and the egg if using.
  • Mix until all the ingredients are evenly incorporated.
  • Use a 1.5 tablespoon cookie scoop to scoop the dough onto the baking sheet.
  • Gently flatten the cookies with a fork or back of a spoon.
  • Bake for 26-30 minutes until the middles have set and aren't wet (mine were perfect at 28 minutes)
  • After the cookies come out of the oven, place them on a wire rack to cool.
  • Let the cookies come to room temperature before eating.
  • Store in an air tight container in the fridge for up to 5 days.


These cookies won’t spread too much so I put all 15 cookies on one baking sheet, so I won’t have to bake 2 batches.
For this recipe I used a 1.5 tablespoon cookie scoop.
**These cookies are almost entirely sweetened by bananas, so make sure your bananas are really overripe!**
Regular Flour: Regular flour cannot be subbed 1:1 with almond flour.  Therefore I wouldn’t recommend making this recipe with normal wheat flour.  
I’m unable to test regular flour because of my gluten allergy so I cannot guarantee your results, but others have tried it and said 1 1/4 cup of regular flour worked well.  However, others have also tried the 1 1/4 flour substituiton and not liked it.  So bake at your own risk. 🙂  I would recommend following the recipe as written.
Nut Free: I’ve had a reader say that using 1/2 cup sunflower seed flour and 1 cup oat flour worked well. I have not tested this and cannot guarantee your results. 
This recipe was orignially published on July 11, 2019 and was updated and republished on March 11, 2024.


Nutrition Facts
Banana Bread Cookies (gluten free, vegan)
Serving Size
1 cookie
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Servings: 15
Calories: 103 kcal
Course: Cookies
Cuisine: American
Keyword: banana bread, cookies, gluten free, paleo, vegan
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  1. I was really surprised this recipe hadn’t received any comments yet when I decided to make it — but I do see now it’s very new — I give it 5 stars for both simplicity and taste!! I love finding real food recipes that are quick and easy yet tasty and healthy — it’s a win win. Thanks for a perfect recipe!

    1. Yay! Thanks for being the first to comment, Melanie! Don’t you love how simple they are?! I’m so glad you enjoyed the cookies and THANK YOU for your feedback!

      1. My second time making this and both times turned perfect. Our family loved them. Thanks for the recipe.

        1. I love to hear that! Thanks Goli!!

        2. Helen Romain says:

          I’m going to make these cookies today but can I freeze the dough until later?


      2. Brie Maya says:

        These were so wonderful and a great way to curb the desire for banana bread without all the extra sugar and calories. I got side tracked and over baked them, and these still have great flavor! Will definitely make them again. Thank you!!

        1. What a nice comment! Thanks Brie! So glad you loved the banana bread cookies!

      3. Hi! I’m trying to guess HOW MANY bananas this recipe calls for?????
        Can you give me a clue, in case I missed the quantity when reading your recipe? Thanks. Lola in NM

        1. Hi Lola! It says right there in the recipe card…you’ll need 1 1/4 cup of mashed bananas, which is about 4 medium bananas 🙂 Enjoy!

          1. I love these cookies! I also love how I don’t have to make two batches. It’s just enough to put on one pan. I love to add the chocolate chips to mine. Thanks for the recipe!!

          2. You’re welcome! Thanks for the review, Callie! Enjoy the banana bread cookies 🙂

        2. These were so delicious and easy! I added in a tablespoon of almond butter & vanilla extract. Great recipe without the guilt 🙂

          1. Mmm almond butter sounds awesome! 🤤 Thanks for the review, Meg!

    2. These cookies are light as air and really taste like banana bread!! (I added another 1/8 tsp of cinnamon and 1/2 cup of chocolate chips) banana bread is nothing without chocolate chips! Just made these and I’m hoping they will last till the kids get home to try them! I guess I will have to make more if they don’t 😉 Thank you for this great recipe! I’m always searching for simple, vegan and gluten free cookies to make instead of buying junk. My son has celiac disease and the treats at the supermarket are so expensive and really not good! Thank you again!

      1. Oh this comment made me so happy! Thank you so much for your feedback, June! Hope those kiddos of yours love them – enjoy!

        1. Doesn’t really taste good. I don’t usually make gluten-free recipes, so it was my first one. The almond flour made the taste a bit grainy and on the inside they were mushy. Also, the measurement in cups is extremely imprecise, I needed to adjust liquid in order to hydrate the flour.

          1. Sorry to hear you didn’t like them, Em! What brand of almond flour did you use? Was it almond meal? Sounds like it might’ve been a thicker grind. Even if you added a whole 1/2 cup extra flour there would still be no need to add liquid to this recipe…

          2. I have the opposite problem. Batter is too runny. It’s in the refrigerator right now hopefully firming up

    3. These were ok. My family tried them and said eh. I won’t make them again.

      1. Thanks for your honest feedback April. Everyone has different tastes and preferences – thanks for trying out the recipe!

        1. Denise Dean says:

          This is one of those times when I wish I could pick up the phone and call someone. I have made this recipe several times and I’m loving it but I’m wondering if I could make it into a cupcake or a muffin. Have you ever tried this? I’m trying to do it for a little boy’s birthday.

          1. Hi Denise! I actually haven’t tried these as muffins or cupcakes. You could give it a try but I’m not sure they would rise like you would want. I do have a recipe for banana muffins here: but the recipe does have slightly different ingredients so I don’t know if it will work for what you need it for. They are DELICIOUS though!

    4. I made these tonight and I was really surprised how well they turned out! No sugar, no eggs, and no oil and they were still wonderful. I went a little light on the maple syrup (my bananas were REALLY ripe) and I added the extra cinnamon as well as a good handful of pecans. Yum!

      1. Yum, I’ll have to throw some pecans in there next time! Thanks for the review, Melissa!

      2. I’ve made these at least half a dozen times now. We love them! I add extra cinnamon, chocolate chips and tend to add a bit more almond flour, and I have trouble just eating one! I don’t bake really ever so I like that they’re super simple.

        1. Love hearing this! Thank you Kelly! I love how simple they are too. 🙂

    5. Made these tonight and my 3 kids wanted to eat the entire batch! Thank you so much for a delicious, low sugar recipe!

      1. Happy to share it, Dana! Glad they were a hit. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment and star rating!

      2. Love these vegan creations. They were such a treat and so simple to make. It’s been hard being on my diet and not finding tasty treats so I really appreciate your recipe. Can’t wait to make them into ice cream sándwiches!! Thanks again!!

        1. You’re so welcome! Thanks so much Nani!

          1. These turned out great, even though I used wheat flour instead of almond flour. Great recipe. Will try again, hopefully when I have some almond flour.

          2. Awesome! Thanks for the comment, Redgal1! Let me know what you think when you try the almond flour version 🙂

        2. I messed up by not setting the timer so mine got overcooked by a couple minutes. However they still tasted phenomenal. I used oat flour so the texture was a little different. The “dough” was basically cake batter so there was no flattening it because it did that by itself. I also used honey instead of maple syrup and added a little bit more cinnamon and chocolate chips. I got 20 cookies. They are still warm and half way gone 😂 I am SO making these again. I’m going to add a little bit more oat flour and making sure I set my timer lol

          1. Haha! The timer gets me all the time too. 🙂 Thanks for the review, Lauren – glad you loved the banana bread cookies!

        3. Helen Romain says:

          Hi Jill
          What a treat to have when you are craving for something sweet. I baked a batch last night and they turned out terrific but they were quite soft and tasted more like muffins than cookies. I added half a cup of dark chocolate bits for crunch. Thanks for sharing

          1. Hi Helen! Yes, these are softer “cookies”. More like a banana bread texture. 🙂 Thanks for your feedback!

    6. Hey Jill! Absolutely LOVE the banana cookies and since we are eating like it’s the last meal around here, do you have any idea about the nutritional information, specifically the calorie count?? Thx for sharing such a wonderful recipe! I’ve finished making our 3rd batch and am Amazon looking to buy Almond Flour in bulk!! 🙂

      1. Hi Susie! Thanks for the review. I’m so happy you love the cookies! You can copy and paste the ingredients here to get the nutrition information: Hope that helps. Thanks again!

      2. Would I be able to freeze them and pop them into the microwave for 30 sec when I want to eat it? Looking for some quick breakfast-on-the-go recipes.

        1. Hi Kayla! I have successfully frozen these cookies and thawed them. However I haven’t used a microwave to do it so I can’t guarantee the results. But I’d think it would work just fine!

    7. Yummy!! I’ve tried a bunch of paleo dessert recipes and this by far was not only the easiest but so delicious too! I made a second batch and added an egg and they turned out even more fluffier and the banana flavor came out even more! Two thumbs up from everyone in my family, even my son who’s has turned his nose up to anything I’ve made without refined sugar. 🙂

      1. Woo hoo! Thanks for your feedback, Brandi! I’ll have to try adding an egg next time – sounds delicious!

        1. Monique C. says:

          Just made these for the third time! They are so delicious and easy! I added pecans and dark chocolate chips. My husband loves banana bread and this is a great alternative for a healthier treat. Thank you!

          1. You’re so welcome! Love the pecan and dark chocolate combo! 😋 Thanks for taking the time to comment, Monique – have a great day!

      2. Disclaimer we have nut allergies so I used Bob’s 1:1 baking flour.
        The tops of my cookies did not brown so they’re not very attractive at all. Consistency is like baked banana inside kind of tough exterior. I may try again with one egg. Any suggestions other than perhaps turning them over for brown tops?

        1. No offense but it’s hard to leave an accurate review of someone recipe when you completely changed the recipe. You cannot use almond flour and 1-1 flour interchangeably. Almond flour has significantly more fat than gluten free flour. Maybe find a recipe specifically designed for that type of flour. Not trying to be rude but I think it’s a little unfair to leave a negative review on someone’s page when you made a different recipe. That said I saw a user on Pinterest said they subbed 1 and 1/4 cup coconut flour instead and got decent results. The problem is that this recipe has no fat in it other than the almond flour so if you omit that then you aren’t going to have any oil at all and therefore no browning. Maybe try sunflower seed flour instead next time bc I’ve heard that’s a decent sub. Also if you see only allergic to almonds then maybe cashew meal? I would honestly just find a recipe meant for normal gluten free flour. Good luck.

      3. I really loved how easy is to make them my kids loved them . And I add monk fruit syrup

        1. Ooh good idea that sounds fabulous! Thanks for the review, Maria!

    8. Hi Jill! I’m Jill, too 🙂 Love your recipes but especially your business name. Soooo cute!!

      1. This totally made my day after reading some not so positive reviews on Pinterest. Thank you so much, Jill! I appreciate your kindness! Have a great day!

    9. Linda Chapman says:

      I used regular flour and added one egg, chocolate chips and the vanilla. But it was so runny I was worried and instead of using the maple syrup, I put in 6 tablespoons of sugar. It was still really runny. I cooked them for 25 minutes. They are delicious. It made two and a half dozen cookies. Was hoping I could post a picture.

      1. Thanks for the comment, Linda! This dough is definitely more on the wet side. Glad you enjoyed them 🙂

    10. Kerri-Ann utronki says:

      These cookies are so yummy!!!! It’s hard to believe they can be so healthy. I am not a baker but these cookies are so easy to make it will become a regular at our house 😊

      1. Yay! I love hearing that! So glad you enjoyed these banana cookies. Thanks Kerri-Ann!

    11. I have to eat gluten free and although I do keep almond flour stocked in my pantry, I decided to use my Namaste gluten free flour that I use in almost everything I bake. I don’t know if that’s what made these cookies awful, but they were. They have a weird tough texture and a sort of bitter taste. If I ever made this recipe again, which I won’t, I’d stick with the almond flour.

      1. Of course that’s what made them awful 🙂 If you don’t follow the recipe, you’ll get different results. I wish you better luck next time.

      2. I agree with the recipe creater that completely changing the recipe is what made them awful lmao. Idk how you can leave a negative review on someone’s site when you changed the recipe so much. The type of flour is super essential to a good recipe when making gluten free baking. Cookies need some sort of fat and since there is no oil the almond flour is the only source of fat. When you remove that you are eliminating any source of oil. Gluten free flour and almond flour cannot be subbed 1-1 like that. Maybe find a recipe for that type of flour or just use almond flour. Also I’ve found a lot of gluten free flours have a weird bitter taste (usually due to the chick pea flour) especially when combined with banana. I’ve also found that overripe bananas to me taste disgusting when baked so I use slightly less ripe ones. I prefer ones that are kind of spotty but not very much so. Sometimes I’ll add stevia to compensate for the less ripe bananas. Good luck.

  2. I saw this recipe on Pinterest and because it was so easy I made them at 11pm!! I actually really liked them!! I didn’t give 5 stars because with the first bite, the texture throws you off for a bit BUT the flavor is amazing. I ran out of almond flour so I had to use regular flour to equal the flour amount. However, my diabetic father who doesn’t like anything healthy loved these! I added some unsweetened applesauce to the mix and they still turned out amazing! Thank you for the recipe!

    1. Haha nothing like a late night baking sesh! Glad you and your father enjoyed the cookies, Ciera! Please note that if you switch up the ingredients, it will definitely change the texture. The original recipe has a texture just like banana bread! It’s delicious! 😋

      1. Any idea to turn it in a sugar free recipe? I want to make it to my 18 months old baby.

        1. You could leave out the maple syrup 🙂

  3. These cookies are sooo good! We loved the clean ingredients! Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Thanks for your comment Tyler! Glad you enjoyed the cookies. 🙂

  4. Absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so much for this 😍

    1. Oh you’re so nice! Thank YOU for your sweet comment! I’m so glad you loved them.

  5. Do you slide the parchment paper onto the rack to cool? My cookies are sticking to the parchment paper when they come hot out of the oven.

    1. Hi Pam! Hmm, my cookies didn’t stick at all. I use this parchment paper.
      You can just leave them on the pan to cool, but it sounds like they might need a little more time in the oven. Did you happen to make any substitutions?

      1. Super easy and delicious!

        1. Thanks Emily! So happy you love them!

      2. Agree with some of the other comments, definitely taste like a muffin top or top of the banana bread SO good and so quick to make! I made them smaller in size and they took maybe 17minutes in the oven. Definitely a keeper!

        1. I love how quick they are too! Thanks for the review Kristen!

      3. They need to cool all the way. Mine stuck when they were hot

        1. Hi Ashley! Mine didn’t stick at all. Sorry that happened to you. I use unbleached parchment paper and never have any sticking issues when baking. Also, it’s a good rule of thumb to slide a spatula underneath each cookie before picking it up or moving it. Thanks for trying out the recipe!

    2. I bought some parchment paper once & everything stuck to it! Some brands are like that. Read the reviews to make the right choice next time like I did!

    3. Hi! I saw your comment and wanted to say that I slide the whole thing into the baking rack EVERY time I bake! It cools immediately, simplifies it AND saves any crumbs mess! LOL I usually switch between sheets (I reuse them) bcs I do multiple batches. 😉 Hope that helps!
      BTW I can’t wait to bake this delicious-sounding recipe for my family of 7! ❤

  6. Hi! Can I substitute the flour for whole wheat? There’s nut allergies in this home 🙂

    1. Hi Fiorella! You could try it but unfortunately wheat flour doesn’t work well as a 1:1 sub. Especially with an egg free recipe. I would guess that it wouldn’t turn out very well so I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m so sorry!

    2. Delicious! Stumbled across this recipe and had all the ingredients on hand. Easy and tasty. My kitchen smells divine. Don’t expect a traditional cookie, but the banana bread taste is spot on. May try a batch with mini chocolate chips.

      1. Chocolate chips sound delicious! Thanks for your feedback, Jen!

        1. I tried this with mini chocolate chips, a tsp of vanilla and 1/2 tsp of butter extract and they were HEAVEN. I’m not vegan, and normally don’t like healthier versions of things. But these will be a new regular in my weekly meal prep. So SO good.

          1. Thanks for sharing your add-ins Anna! So glad you love them! Next time you comment, if you could leave a star rating as well – I’d love you forever 🤗 Thanks for your kind comment!

  7. Sort of bland, needs more spice or sweet. 26 to 28 min. Cooking truly needed. Good texture. Super easy.

    1. Sorry these didn’t do it for ya Deb! If your bananas aren’t spotty or ripe enough, the cookies will definitely turn out a little bland, as it’s mostly sweetened by the bananas. And feel free to add in more spice if you’d like! I wanted to keep this recipe as simple as possible which is why I opted for few spices. 🙂

      1. I have coconut flour and white flour. Can I sub?

        1. No, I’m sorry! Subs won’t work in this recipe.

          1. The cookies are delicious but they burned on the bottom. Probably my fault because I used up frozen very ripe bananas and they were likely too watery. The illustrations have some kind of sparkly probably sugary topping which led me to putting a drizzle of icing sugar on top, so they’re no longer keto. I also added dark chocolate chips and pecans. I’d definitely make them again.and not burn them the next time.

    2. Love the simple ingredients! I’m sure they would have been even better but I made them with oat flour instead because I can’t eat almond flour. They were good but very chewy and a bit dry. My second batch was better when I added vanilla. My bananas weren’t ripe so I put them in the microwave them to ripen them up but maybe that’s why they weren’t really sweet. I’ll try more maple syrup and a little bit of sugar next time. Maybe some applesauce to add moisture.

      1. Thanks for the review, Gabi! Yes, the oat flour will for sure yield a dryer cookie. So you’ll have to play around with adding more moisture, or less oat flour to get a similar consistency as the original recipe. Good luck on your future batches!

  8. Can you substitute honey for the maple syrup?

    1. I haven’t tried substituting honey for the maple syrup, but I think it should work just fine. Let me know how they turn out if you give it a shot!

      1. I substituted a little local wildflower honey for the maple syrup, added shredded carrot, nutmeg and a pinch of ground clove, and the result was fantastic. What a great grain-free use for old bananas! Thank you for this recipe!

        1. WOW, that sounds delicious! Thanks for the feedback Kristi, I really appreciate it! Enjoy the cookies. 😊

      2. Lisa Collins says:

        I am wondering if you mean TRUE maple syrup or just store bought table syrup. BiG difference but I’d like to give this recipe a try.

        1. Hi Lisa! I always use 100% pure maple syrup like this one here. Hope that answers your question – enjoy!

          1. lisa collins says:

            It sure does! Thank you!

          2. You’re very welcome!

    2. I used honey in my recipe and they cake delicious!! I say go for it!!

  9. So yummy! Thank you!

    1. You’re so welcome! Enjoy!

  10. Loved these! I added nutmeg and raisins. Also i only had to bake for 23 minutes but maybe this was due to my bananas being extremely mushy? Either way these are delicious! Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Yay! I’m so happy to hear you loved them Steph! Your additions sound DIVINE. Thanks for leaving a comment and star rating, I really appreciate it! 🙂

  11. Angela Waits says:

    These were so good. My son loved them. If you dont have ripe bananas put them in the oven till they turn brown!

    1. I love when recipes are a hit with the kiddos! Glad you enjoyed the recipe, and thanks for the tip!!

    2. Can regular flour be used?

      1. Hey Feathers! I’m allergic to gluten so unfortunately I can’t test that out for you. However, a few of my readers have tried it and said it worked, but was a little flour-y. If you give it a shot I’d recommend using a little less flour. Good luck!

  12. Liz Glidewell says:

    My son has an almond allergy. Do you GF flour would work?

    1. Oh I’m so sorry about that. I’d be surprised if GF flour worked as a 1:1 swap. But you could always give it shot! If you decide to try it out maybe half the recipe first to see how it turns out. I’ll have to do some experimenting on my end next time I make them and update the recipe. 🙂

  13. Do you know have nutrition info on these cookies? I’m. Diabetic and have to watch my carbs and sugar as well as calories. Thanks.

    1. I don’t, I’m sorry! You can copy the ingredients straight from my website, and paste them here: and it will calculate everything for you! Hope that helps!

  14. Michelle Ralston says:

    So yummy and so easy! My whole family loves these! Such a life saver with a gluten free kiddo!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Michelle! So glad everyone loved them. 🙂

  15. My bananas weren’t brown-ripe, so I added a little shredded carrot (as other reviewer mentioned) and 1/2 tsp vanilla, just in case. They are like little banana breads with a twist. I’m wondering if I added a little coconut oil if they might crisp up a little more. I think I’m craving some fat in these. Thoughts? Still very delicious for being such a simple healthy recipe!

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review, Tina! I’m glad you liked them. 🙂 I’m not sure about the coconut oil. I would hesitate to add more moisture to these since the batter is pretty wet to begin with. You may be better off adding fat after they’re baked…topping it with ghee or nut butter for example. Let me know if you give it a shot though!

  16. Wow! What an easy and deliscious recipe! I really loved how few ingredients that these required and the elimination of added sugar! I will definitely be making this many more times and sharing this recipe! Thanks, Jill!

    1. You’re so welcome! Thanks for your comment, Melissa!!

      1. I made these a second time for a big group of vegan and gf yogis who loved them! Thanks again!

        1. Oh that makes me so happy!! Thank you so much for sharing that with me!

  17. Loved the simplicity of the recipe and the clean ingredients! I experimented with my batch by adding some ingredients on top of some of them before going in the oven. My “sprinkles” included: chopped walnuts, dark chocolate chips (Enjoy Life!), cloves and finally, raisins. This gave me 4 different flavors to try and they were all wonderful!!!! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! I can’t wait to try the Crunchy Almond Butter Cups next!

    1. Yummy!!! Your “sprinkles” sound delicious! 😋 Thank you for your comment and star rating Debbie – I REALLY appreciate it!

  18. These look so good! I love the ingredient list is so simple! What a great way to use up some over ripe bananas!

    1. Thanks Suzanne, hope you give them a try!

  19. Thanks for sharing! Do they freeze well?

    1. You’re welcome! I actually haven’t tried freezing them, sorry! I would guess they would freeze just fine though. Next time I make them I will freeze a batch and update the recipe. 🙂

  20. Hey could I use coconut flour with this recipe?

    1. Unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend coconut flour. Coconut flour is a very unique flour because it needs SO much moisture. If you wanted to experiment I would start with a tablespoon of coconut flour at a time until it held together…but I really don’t think there’s enough of the right moisture in this recipe (eggs, almond milk, water etc.) for coconut flour to work.

  21. Definitely easy to make, but I also found them rather bland. I see some others added additional ingredients which probably would amp up the flavor. Sadly not a keeper for me.

    1. Thanks for your honest feedback, Jackie. Sorry these didn’t do it for ya. Make sure your bananas are really ripe, as this recipe is mostly sweetened by the bananas. I will update the recipe with some optional add-ins for people who want to amp up the flavor. As my post states, I was just trying to keep these as simple and basic as possible. We love them, but everyone’s tastes are different! I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

  22. These didn’t exactly come out as I expected them to. They got super dark in the oven so I couldn’t cook them for the full time. So they came out reeeeeally soft (and moist), I’m guessing as a result of not cooking long enough? They still tasted amazing and had the texture of banana bread. Just wondering if you have any suggestions?

    1. Hey Mimi! Hmm, that sounds like a classic case of an overly hot oven. Do you have an oven thermometer by chance? It might be a good idea to double check the temperature of your oven is accurate. For most ovens, these will need the full baking time. So I’d say you’re correct on that one. They’re super soft as it is so not baking them for the full amount of time won’t result in a set cookie. Did you happen to make any substitutions? Sorry they didn’t turn out! I hope you give them another try!

      1. Hi Jill! Thanks for replying! We’ve just moved into a new apartment and our oven is in Celcius so I think you’re right- oven was probably too hot and I didn’t know. I’m going to try again for this recipe very soon 🙂

        1. Congrats on the move! I’ll cross my fingers they work out for you next time 😅

  23. I’m going to try this today! However, I do not have almond flour. Will regular flour work??

    1. Hi Christin! I’d be surprised if regular flour worked as a 1:1 sub. However, there’s been some comments left on Pinterest where people have said it worked. Having not tried it myself, I can’t guarantee they will turn out. Let me know if you give it a shot! Good luck!

      1. I swapped with 1 1/4 of regular flour, taste is great but texture is off, a little dry. I will try again with almond flour asap!

        1. Thanks for the feedback Nathalie! I wish so badly I could test this recipe with normal flour but I’m unable to. I’ve had people swap it 1 for 1 and use the whole 1 1/2 cups and say they were satisfied. So I was hoping the 1 1/4 cup would be the magic number for those saying it was a bit dry. Let me know how the almond flour turns out! Have a great day!

  24. I just took my batch out of the oven. They seem really floppy, but have been in the oven for the correct amount of time and are brown on both sides. I won’t know truly know the texture until they cool off. The dough seemed very wet before I even baked them. I could tell because they didn’t really seem like they needed to be pressed by a fork. The only thing that I think could have possibly affected the moisture is that I used fat medium bananas, 4 1/2 total. I used almond flour/meal and not just “almond flour.” From everything I found online said that the two are basically the same thing. I hope I can get them off the parchment without them crumbling. I love the recipe and the fact that there is no added sugar. If they don’t turn out this time, I will try again. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Hi Carol! I agree with you, it sounds like they didn’t turn out quite right and you figured out why. Did you measure the bananas? You should definitely measure as too much banana will result in a batter that’s too wet. It’s already a fairly wet batter but it sounds like yours had a little too much moisture. Almond meal is not the same as almond flour – it’s a coarser grind and contains the skins. It shouldn’t affect the moisture level though and would probably work just fine as a sub for almond flour, but the end result would be a slightly different texture than the original recipe. I hope you give them another shot!!

  25. Wondering if I could use coconut flour instead of almond?

    1. No, unfortunately coconut flour won’t work in this recipe – sorry about that!

  26. Could I add two eggs? I want to increase the protein. These look perfect for school lunches!

    1. Hi Cindy! I’m not sure about adding 2 eggs. You may have to add more flour if you do that, but you could give it a shot! Do you have collagen powder? That would be a great way to add some extra protein without making the batter too wet. Let me know how it goes if you try it out!

  27. These are so easy and delicious! My toddler loved them too! Didn’t have any maple syrup on hand so used honey and they were perfect. Might add vanilla next time. Definitely a keeper. Thanks so much!

    1. Yaaaayy! So glad they were toddler approved! Thank you for your comment and star rating, Michelle!!

  28. I originally looked at this recipe because there were no eggs. My grand daughter has allergies and I am always on the look for new recipes. This is a great recipe and I love the fact that there are only a few ingredients. Added some chocolate chips to make it special. Turned out great and will definitely make again.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Liz! I’m so glad you found a special treat for your grand daughter. 🙂

  29. In addition to having recently been diagnosed as gluten sensitive my son is allergic to almonds. Could you recommend another flour to use in this recipe? I am new to gluten free cooking and baking. Thank you!

    1. Hi Joanne, sorry to hear that. I haven’t tried this recipe with any other flours. You may be able to sub the almond flour for 1 – 1 1/4 cup of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free 1:1 flour which is also nut free. I can do some experimenting next time I make them and update the recipe. But for now, that’s my best guess. Let me know how they turn out if you give it a shot! And just know that it will get easier, and gluten free baking will become second nature to you. 🙂

  30. These turned out PERFECT! I added some chocolate chips, a little vanilla, more cinnamon, some nutmeg, and clove, and oh my lord I am obsessed. These were the easiest cookies to make and I had all the ingredients! Can’t recommend enough!

    1. Okay, you’re my new favorite person! 😉 Thank you for the nice comment! It made my day!

  31. I was wondering .. as a diabetic, do you know the nutritional value for these ? Without adding chocolate chips? These taste amazing, but the sugar content may be too great for me, so I want to eat them in moderation.

    1. Hey Nona! You can copy the ingredient list straight from my website, and paste them here: This will give you all the nutrition info. Hope that helps!

  32. Love these so much!!

    1. Thanks Autumn!

  33. Sometimes gluten free can be blah. Not These!! Delicious! My crowd devoured them and were wanting more, not just my Celiac friend, everyone! Guess what, so many asked me for the recipe – I didn’t share it – I just told them where to find it. Hope you get lots of new visitors!

    1. Oh my heck, that’s so nice!! Thank you!! Enjoy the cookies Laurene! 😊

  34. I too thought the dough too wet so added more flour. They browned quickly almost felt like if I left in oven entire time they would burn. Came out doughy and under cooked. My oven is new and spot on, temperature wise. Any suggestions. Can’t really give a review as I felt I must have done something wrong. How much do you flatten these cookies? Should oven be lower temp?

    1. I’m sorry they didn’t turn out Barbara. Yes, it definitely sounds like something went wrong. I would still recommend getting an oven thermometer to check the internal temp of your oven – even though it’s new. What you described is a classic case of an oven that’s too hot. My other question would be, did you measure the bananas with measuring cups? Or just mash them up and dump them in the bowl? The bananas for sure need to be measured out with measuring cups. Otherwise it will be too wet. The batter is more wet than typical cookie dough, but it’s not runny. It should hold together enough for you to gently flatten the tops down. Flatten them enough to make it so they resemble a cookie, and not the shape of the cookie scoop. The finished product will be very soft – like banana bread. If your oven is too hot, you could try to lower the temperature to 325, but these definitely work with the temperature stated in the recipe in a properly calibrated oven. I hope you give these another try! Let me know if you do!

  35. I am on the AIP diet for health reasons and can not have almond flour. You probably haven’t tried using cassava or tigernut flour, but thought maybe one of your readers have and can chime in if it works or not. Thank you.

    1. I’m curious about cassava flour too! I have super ripe bananas and want to make this if cassava will work.

      1. I haven’t tried this with cassava flour yet so I’m not sure!

  36. Giovanna Iervella says:


    1. Yay! Glad to hear it! Thank you so much for commenting!

  37. Delicious!! I was actually surprised on how good these were using so few ingredients. I substituted pure honey for the maple syrup, but other than that followed the recipe exactly. I will definitely make these again!!

    1. Thanks for your comment and star rating, Melissa! I appreciate is so much and am so glad you love the cookies!

  38. Even with my goofs and adjustments, these turned out absolutely delicious!!

    My adjustments? I only had about 3/4 C of almond flour in my pantry, so I used coconut flour for the balance. And, I was out of maple syrup, so I used pure maple sugar. And, thanks to one of my goofs, the consistency was off so I added a flax egg to help bind. I did double the cinnamon and added the chocolate chips and maybe 1/4 C chopped walnuts.

    My goofs? I forgot to measure the mashed banana and just dumped in all of my banana. Then, I didn’t flatten. I missed that part apparently. Lol!

    So, I ended up with more of a chocolate chip banana nut bread macaron. Regardless, they’re amazing and will make the vegan in my Bible study group very happy! Thanks for the delish recipe – I’m definitely asking these again (hopefully the right way)!!

    1. Macaroon*

    2. Haha! I LOVE your attitude and how you just kept going, even with your goofs! Your chocolate chip banana nut bread macaroons sound absolutely amazing! 😉 Thank you for the review, Laura! Have a great day!

  39. These are AMAZING. We have a couple of allergies in this house (milk being one) so to find a tasty treat that I don’t have to sub ingredients for, us a true gem.
    I did add the chocolate chips because, well, chocolate.
    They were so good I had to make a second batch later that day!
    These are going to be a re ulnar recipe around here. Thank you!!

    1. Can’t go wrong with chocolate! Us allergy people need yummy treats too. 🙂 I’m thrilled it will be a regular recipe for you – thanks for the review Marisol!

  40. Guinea Girl says:

    I was pretty skeptical about these. I also didn’t bother measuring the bananas. I added some almond flavoring, too. She’s right that they don’t spread. The flavor was really good though and I’m glad I finally opened up the almond flour that’s been sitting in my freezer for two years. Will make again.

    1. Hooray! Glad you found a use for that almond flour haha. Thanks for the review, Guinea Girl! Have a great weekend!

  41. These look amazing! Always looking for great wholesome recipes like this one, and I literally always have tons of bananas laying around. Glad to have something different other than actual banana bread lol!

    1. Thanks Liz!

  42. Michelle Sowa says:

    Absolutely delicious! The only sub I made was replacing pure maple syrup with Lakanto Maple Syrup. I’m going to put them in the freezer for a quick grab and go snack. So good. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for the rating, Michelle! I’m so glad you loved them. My 2 year old prefers them straight from the freezer 🙂 Sometimes we make banana split ice cream sandwiches out of ours. SO GOOD! Here’s the recipe if you’re interested! Enjoy!

  43. Jennifer Beth says:

    I love love love this recipe!!!! So simple my kids loved them in fact they were gone the next day. I had to make more since I only had 3 and the kids ate the rest. (The things we do for our kids)! Anyway I added some nutmeg and spice. And sprinkled the tops with sugar and cinnamon mix. It gave it a little crunch. They were really good. Great job on the recipe. It’s a great base to start with so everyone can change up to their own liking. Thx again!🍪🥧🧁🍰🎂🍡🍩 Happy Baking!!!!!!

    1. Haha they go fast, don’t they! Love the added sugar on top for some extra crunch – delish! Thanks for the review Jennifer!

  44. these were outrageous. i just made them for a work function and literally had to make a second batch because i ate half of them. they are that good. thank you! also anyone who subs ingredients and then gives you less than 5 stars is a bit ridic.

    1. This comment made me lol! I must admit, that is one of my biggest pet peeves! If you tried it and don’t like it, fine. Everyone has different tastes and preferences. But yeah if you switch things up and then give me a low rating….um that’s not my recipe! Haha! Thanks for trying and rating the cookies Kathleen! I’m so glad you loved them.

  45. Can you use coconut sugar in place of the maple syrup?

    1. Hi Alison! I haven’t tried it but I think it would work just fine!

      1. Wow these are also vegan. I’m excited as I can make them for my son and my grandson and my husband loves banana bread!! Iam a health coach so I will post on my page and tag you once I make them. Thank you 🙂

        1. Hope you love them!

  46. These turned out amazing! I did add the extra cinnamon, vanilla and some chocolate chips and they cooked for 30 mins. They are exactly like eating banana bread. Absolutely love.

    1. Thanks for the review, Nadia! I’m thrilled you love them – enjoy!

  47. These are great! I make them for my 2 year old when our bananas are too brown to eat as is. She loves them and I don’t mind if she eats a few since they don’t have any actual sugar added to them. I’ve made them with and without the vanilla and I honestly don’t taste a difference. Great recipe! Thanks!

    1. You’re welcome, Michelle! I feel the same way about letting my kids eat a few at a time – no guilt here! Thank you so much for the review, have a great day!

  48. Karen A. Hunt says:

    Wow! These were awesome. I’ve got to say, I was skeptical at first. I figured they would turn out too banana flavored, not sweet enough, but I was totally wrong. I followed the recipe, except two things, I decided to add some raisins and I extra tablespoon of maple syrup. That’s all I changed (but that was because of my skepticism that they would not be sweet enough). I’m sure the 1 tbl would have been enough. I will make these again. No more tossed bananas. This is my go to recipe. Thanks Jill!!

    1. You’re welcome! Your additions sound delicious – thanks for the review, Karen!

  49. Yum Yum Yum!!!
    Made these and substituted the maple syrup with honey! Amazing! Tastes like the best banana bread ever!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Christine! Made my day! Enjoy the cookies 🙂

  50. Christina Ward says:

    These were really good! I wasn’t so sure how they’d turn out as the “dough” was rather wet but my daughter and I loved them. I added in the extra amt of cinnamon, the vanilla extract plus 2 pinches of ground cloves.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Christina! Enjoy!

  51. Love-love-love the cookies!!! Many thanks for the recipe!!!

    1. Oh thank you for the kind comment, Irina! You’re so welcome!

  52. I keep returning to read the comments to see if someone has experimented with cassava or coconut or some other flour cause I can’t have almond flour. Lol. These sound delicious and the answer to left over bananas!

  53. I absolutely love these! I’ve made them twice now, and eat 2 for breakfast. They keep me full. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. You’re welcome, Megan! Thank you for commenting!

  54. Could I get the nutritional breakdown for these cookies? Thanks!

    1. Hi Virginia, you can copy and paste the recipe into the box found on this page to get the nutritional breakdown:

  55. Can I use regular white flour instead of the almond flour ? I’m on a very small budget and am unable to afford the almond flour.Oh and would I use the same amount ?

    1. Hey Rhonda! Unfortunately I’m allergic to gluten so I’m unable to test that out. However, I’ve had readers sub regular flour and they said the cookies were good, but a little too floury. If you’re wanting to experiment I’d probably try 1 to 1 1/4 cup of regular flour, and see how it turns out. But I obviously can’t guarantee the results because I’ve never tried it. Happy baking!

  56. Delicious!!! I was looking for a yummy cookie that was healthy and was low in sugar. This is perfect! Our 2 year old grandson loves them!….and so do Papa and Gigi. 😊

    1. Aww, you’re the best Gigi! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, Stacey!

  57. Made these with my grandson! They are delicious with dark chocolate chips! It’s a keeper! 26 minutes was perfect for us too!💕

    1. Woo hoo for the 26 club! 😉 So glad you guys enjoyed them. Thanks for the comment Jocelyne!

  58. Made these this morning. They are like popping a bite of banana bread into your mouth! So good! I did modify a bit by using pyure sweetener and a 1/4 tsp of maple flavoring in place of the syrup. Also my mashed bananas made a cup so I used a 1/4 c of unsweetened applesauce plus a couple Tbsp of chopped pecans. Hubby is diabetic so we avoid sugar as much as we can. Very yummy! Thank you for the recipe!

    1. You’re so welcome! Thanks for the review, Kathy! So happy your modifications worked out. Have a great day!

  59. These are delicious! Delicious as is and delicious with add ins of your liking 😉
    My husband and I love having these around as a healthy yummy add on to our day 😉
    Thank you for the awesome simple oh so yummy recipe!

    1. You’re welcome, Kelly! Thank you for commenting and rating the recipe. So glad you and your husband loved them!

  60. I made these with gf flour and they were a delight, I also added raisins. My 4 Yr old adored them too! Thanks for the recipe!!

    1. Yesss! Love hearing that your 4 year old loved these banana bread cookies! Thanks for reviewing the recipe, Melissa – I really appreciate it. I’ve been meaning to test this recipe with gluten free flour because a lot of people have asked about it. Did it work as a 1:1 sub for you? Maybe I’ll put a note in the recipe for other readers. 🙂 Have a great day!

  61. Thank you for your recipe. I followed the ingredients almost exactly (almond meal instead of almond flour) but made my biscuits (cookies) about half the size and adjusted the cooking time. They were super easy, quick to make and tasty. I love that they were more flavoursome than overly sweet. I think they’ll be nice made with other nut meals too and will be recommending your recipe to friends.

    1. Thanks for the review, Deb! So glad they were still tasty with the almond meal. Have a great day!

  62. Hey! I can’t find almond flour in my local stores… Can I use milled bleached almonds instead?
    Hope you answer quick so I can make it looks delicious!

    1. Hi Rose! Are you saying you want to buy milled bleached almonds and grind them into a flour? I think that would work in a pinch, but finely ground almond flour would be best!

      1. Wow thank you for answering so fast!! Really appreciate it!
        I think I will just try to work with what I have. The recipie is so easy and takes only a few ingridients so if it won’t work I will just try again;)
        Thanks again!

        1. You go girl! Let me know how they turn out!

          1. hey. me again… i am so sad. I’ve been waiting for ages to get ripe bananas so i could make the cookies, but as soon as my bananas were ready, I only had not peeled grounded almonds. I tried to work with what I had, but the mixture turned out gooey and grey. after i had taken it out of the oven, the cookies were burnt from the outside but gooey from the inside. I know it’s not the recipe’s fault, i just wanted to share what happened to me. now I am looking for vegan cookies with no bananas nor almonds.
            thanks anyways.

  63. Delicious! Followed the recipe exactly, except for increasing the amount of spices slightly and adding 1/4 cup cacao nibs. Mine cooked in 17 minutes, absolutely a keeper of a recipe.

    1. Woo hoo! Thanks Teri! I appreciate you taking the time to review and rate the recipe. Stay well!

  64. We really enjoyed these but like them better when they are re-toasted in the toaster oven, crisper is what we prefer. Thanks for a healthy treat! Good for pandemics!

    1. Great idea! Thanks for the feedback, Deanne!

  65. Amazing recipe I added some dried cranberries and the tartness helped balance sweetness! Fiance is obsessed with them, thank you for sharing!

    1. You’re welcome! Love sharing my recipes with you guys! Such a great idea to throw some dried cranberries in there – thanks for the comment Ashlee!

  66. I don’t bake a lot of things but this was ridiculously wonderful. Jill as I said in my email thank you thank you thank you!

    1. Thanks Michael!! You are too kind! Enjoy the banana cookies!

  67. Can you substitute coconut flour? Maybe add almond extract? I don’t have almond flour.

    1. Hi Maria! Unfortunately coconut flour won’t work as a 1:1 sub in this recipe. Coconut flour requires WAY more moisture. Sorry!

  68. Hi I just made these for my three year old but my husband and I are eating them too as they turned out so yummy thankyou! I used date syrup instead of maple syrup and added chopped pecans in the mixture then sprinkled coconut on each one before baking. Delicious thanks loads!

    1. Yumm – love your additions Michelle! Thanks for your feedback – I really appreciate it!

  69. These are so delicious and moist. I will definitely bake these again. I was wondering what the carbs are in this recipe?

    1. Thanks for the review, Judy! So happy to hear you loved the banana cookies 🙂 You can copy and paste the ingredients here if you’d like to figure out the carb count – hope that helps!

  70. I just came across your recipe. Sounds yummy. Right now we’re on lockdown and I’m trying to not go to the store for Almond flour. How do you think they’ll come out using regular flour?

    1. Times are crazy! I’ve had others use regular flour and they said they turned out well but were a little on the flour-y side. I have a gluten allergy so that’s something I can’t test out 🙂 If you want to give it a shot I’d recommend starting with 1 cup of flour, and then adding up to another 1/4 cup depending on the consistency. Good luck Stacey! Stay well!

  71. Holy cow, these are amazing! So moist and delicious! These are going to replace dry, lame protein bars in my daily diet! Thanks for the recommendation to mash, then measure the bananas…I used 4 bananas to get the right quantity. I also added the extras, and baked on a stone for 25 min. They are perfect! I’m excited to try some variations like cranberries, carrots peanut butter, etc!

    1. Your variations sound awesome! So happy you love them April – thank you!

  72. These were excellent! I have a nut allergy so I used 1/2 cup sunflower seed flour and 1 cup oat flour in place of the almond flour and it worked perfectly. Thank you for such an easy recipe.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your swaps! I’m glad they turned out for you. Thanks for the review Janet!

  73. These are great! I didn’t want to go to the store so I used 1 cup of regular flour instead of almond flour and agave nectar instead of maple syrup. I never seem to have parchment paper so I lined a pan with foil and lowered the temp to 325 degrees. They were ready in 20-25 minutes. Next time I’m definitely trying these with nuts or chocolate chips.

    1. Way to use what you have, Tara! Love it! Thank you for all the feedback and sharing how you made them. I think nuts and chocolate chips are always a good option. 🙂

  74. I just made these and they are delicious! I didn’t measure the bananas, just added what I had in the freezer. I also added chocolate chips and shredded coconut!

    1. Mmm love that you added shredded coconut! Thanks for the review, Sabrina!

  75. Incredible ease and taste, and good for you, too! A great way to use up overripe bananas. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

    1. You’re so welcome! Thanks for taking the time to come back here to rate and review the recipe! Appreciate it!

  76. I haven’t mads this yet, but really want to try it, however i have a fatal allergy to almonds and all tree nuts, so what other flour could i use???

    1. Hi Cherie! I haven’t tried this with other flour but others have had success using some swaps. You could give this one a try from another commenter who can’t have almonds: 1/2 cup sunflower seed flour and 1 cup oat flour. Good luck!

  77. Really bland recipe. Cookies didn’t come out at all like the picture or description.

    really disappointed

    1. Oh bummer, I’m so sorry to hear that! I wonder what went wrong?

  78. These were SO good. A hit with the whole family! I added chocolate chips to 1/3, and cranberries to 1/3 of the batter. My personal fav was the plain batter (without add ons). I’m going to try next time without the maple syrup and see how they turn out.

    1. Yay! Glad to hear it Cassie! Love the cranberry addition. These cookies are such a good base for yummy add-ins! Thanks for the review – enjoy!

  79. I love these cookies so much! This is my second time making them in quarantine because my family and I loved them so much. As someone trying to get on a more healthy track (but I love my sweets), this was an amazing find. Big fan!

    1. Yay! This makes me so happy, thanks Julia! And I love my sweets too 🙂

  80. Du you know if gluten free flour can be used?

    1. Hi Molly! I haven’t tested this recipe with gluten free flour but if you wanted to give it a shot, I’d try 1 1/4 cup. Good luck!

  81. These are SO good! My bananas weren’t quite overripe so I added a bit more cinnamon and maple syrup, and a dash of sugar. Banana bread is always better the next day and these cookies were too! Yum!

    1. Thanks Allison! So glad they were a hit! I agree, better the next day!

      1. Pauly Sue says:

        These are 🔥. I substituted honey since I didn’t have pure maple syrup on hand and they turned out great. I also used an egg, some extra cinnamon, and bobs Redmills natural almond flour for a better texture!

        1. Love it! Sounds amazing Pauly Sue! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review and star rating – I really appreciate it! Enjoy the cookies!

  82. These turned out SO good! My kids love them! Will definitely be making again!

    ** I added vanilla and one egg like another comment suggested. By adding the egg it made my batter VERY wet so I added 1/4 cup more almond flour. After the fact, I was wondering if I could add some flaxseed meal instead of more flour. Thoughts?

    1. I think that should work just fine! Thanks Kara!

  83. Hey, I made these with coconut flour and they turned out pretty good though a little more cake like. I replace the almond flour with 1/4c coconut flour, 1 egg, and 1/2c whole wheat flour.

    1. Oh wow! Coconut flour typically needs a lot more moisture to work well – I’m surprised but thrilled they turned out for you! Thanks for the review, Kenzie!

  84. Danna Dittrich says:

    I’ve made this recipe twice. And have had issues with both batches. First one, I tried hurrying up the overriding process of the bananas by putting them in the oven. I believe I left them in the oven too long. In the end, the cookies went into the trash. Second batch, much better. I added the egg & extra cinnamon. However, the mixture became very liquidy but I was able to scoop out & bake. But the bottoms burned. Ugh! May they one more time & perhaps try for less time in the oven.

    1. Oh no! I’ve never tried putting my bananas in the oven – but I know some people do it that way. I would always recommend allowing the ripening process to happen naturally. As far as the egg goes, I haven’t tried it myself. I’ll test it out today – it may need a little more flour to go with it. However, I’m getting lots of Pinterest comments saying they love them that way! Maybe a third batch is in your future! Thanks Danna! 🙂

  85. Vivian Bicalho says:

    OK, I was just wondering if revoving it would change the texture…. but thanks! I will definelly try it!

    1. Yes great question! Leaving out the syrup will just take a little bit of the sweetness away. Texture wise you should be good! Hope your 18 month old loves them! Thanks Vivian!

  86. Roslene West says:

    Hi JIll. I haven’t made these yet and am interested. However, I have regular and coconut flour. Can I make these with one of those?

    1. Hi Roslene! Unfortunately coconut flour won’t work in this recipe. You can read the recipe notes for the regular flour substitution. It’s not a 1:1 sub. I’m allergic to gluten and haven’t tested it myself. I have some people who have made it with the regular flour substitution and loved it, and others who weren’t that impressed. You’re welcome to give it a shot! But it’s definitely best to stick with the almond flour for this particular recipe. Good luck!!

  87. Just want to say these are AMAZING. I added the egg, and they seemed a little bit too liquid, so I just added a dash of coconut flour to help bind them. They’re definitely my new favorite!

    1. Thanks Summer! So great to hear! Thanks for your comment!

  88. Brittany says:

    These were amazing! My son who won’t eat bananas loves these! Is there a reason why these have to be refrigerated? I usually just keep cookies out.

    1. Oh yay! So great to hear! Refrigerating them helped keep their texture a little better. But leaving them out is just fine! I do both!

  89. I love these! Super quick and easy to make, taste like banana bread.

  90. I really liked this recipe but I had a problem with them sticking to the paper at well! Is it okay to make these right on the pan as long as it’s greased?

    1. Thanks so much Talia! I haven’t tried greasing the pan and would worry about the extra oil softening up an already soft cookie. But it’s worth a shot if it’s not working with the parchment paper you have on hand. Are you sure you accidentally didn’t use wax paper? A lot of people who say they stuck, end up emailing me later and saying they actually used wax paper instead of parchment. The cookies will definitely stick to wax paper. 🙂

  91. These are AMAZING! I made them 2 nights in a row! Such a creative idea. I didn’t have almond flour on hand so I tweaked the recipe a bit. I used Birch benders keto pancake mix because the main ingredient is almond flour. & added chocolate chips. I loved the way they turned out!! The second night I used white flour and would NOT recommend. They are definitely better with the gluten free flour.

    Thank you for sharing this recipe!

    1. You’re welcome! Thanks for the comment, Taylor! I LOVE that you used Birch Benders – so creative!

  92. Kristen Kemp says:

    Hello! Sorry if this has already been asked. Will these work with canned pumpkin? Thank you!

    1. Hi Kristen! Unfortunately this won’t work with canned pumpkin because there’s not enough sweetener if you remove the bananas. Sorry!

  93. Delicious! Easy to do! I did need to add more almond flour to mine but it still turned out great! Big hit in my house. Thank you for a wonderful recipe and can’t wait to try adding some of the extras!!!

    1. You’re so welcome! Thanks for your comment, Lori!

  94. Hi Jill i havent made these yet but if i put peanut butter in them would i need to adjust any of the other ingredients?

    1. Hi Nicola! Nope, you can just add it right in. Good luck! 🙂

  95. Margarita says:

    THANK YOU JILL for such an amazing recipe !!! I hunt for ‘clean’ recipes and am very grateful to have found this recipe and you !!! I made a version of these before I broke up with sugar and had been missing them —-now I have been reunited with an old friend! Cookies were a bit soft but that’s due to my ‘hot’ oven and my fear of overcooking them! I added pecans to 5 of them —-YUMMY ! I think I might eat them with a lil butter on top….like banana bread ! Thanks again 😋

    1. Mmm butter on top sounds delicious! Thank you for your nice comment Margarita! So glad you love these banana cookies!

  96. Fabulous! I don’t ever comment on recipes but I had to because I made these twice in the same weekend! Ran out of eggs (I added the egg in the first batch) so I used mayonnaise which grosses me out but have heard of this for brownies so thought why not?
    I did add vanilla extract because frankly could drink the stuff! Shared this with my family and friends cause I’m such a fan.
    Great recipe! Much more portable than a slice of banana bread.

    1. You’re so kind Shannon – thank you! Thank you for sharing with your friends and family. So happy you love the banana cookies! Have a great day!

  97. Theresa O’Brien says:

    Third time making them in 3 weeks!!!! I never comment on recipes but had too. I have shared this with family and friends. It’s just too easy and just too delicious. Thank you for your awesome recipe!

    1. You’re so welcome! Thanks for taking the time to comment, Theresa! SO glad you love this recipe!

  98. arlie barger says:

    So had a problem with this recipe, it didn’t make enough cookies! Was trying recipe to see if it was something my adult daughter with food allergies would like. Unfortunately my husband and I started eating them as soon as we thought they had cooled enough. Now there’s maybe 8 left, I’ll just send her the recipe and encourage her to make them.

    1. LOL! I guess that’s a good problem to have! Hope your daughter loves them too. Thanks Arlie!

  99. That looks so good 🤤 I have everything I need so I’m going to make them right now! I’ll add chocolate though 🙈

    1. Hope you love them!

  100. These are super tasty! Easier to portion control than making a whole loaf of banana bread : )

    Mine came out super soft and fall apart really easily. I followed the recipe closely and added the optional vanilla extract and chocolate chips…what could I do differently to make them firmer?

    Thank you!!

    1. Thanks for the review, Camille! While these cookies are definitely on the soft side, they shouldn’t fall apart. You can try to keep them in the oven a little longer next time and see if that helps. Let me know!

  101. If I were to make these today but needed to freeze them would you recommend making the dough and freezing raw OR making the cookies and then freezing once cooled? Not sure which would make them turn out better once able to be enjoyed 🙂 thanks!

    1. Definitely bake them and then freeze. Enjoy!

  102. Made these this morning and I thought they were awful,. Even my husband wasn’t thrilled and he has liked most everything low carb that I have made. Bit of banana flavor but overwhelmed by the almond flour and ended up tasting almost bitter. I used all good quality ingredients, not outdated, as well. I had such high hopes for them but not sure what happened. I know I will not make them again as I don’t want to waste expensive almond flour. I put them in the fridge with the hopes of eating them, but may just throw them out. They are easy to make, which earned the 2nd star.

    1. Thanks for your feedback NancyR. I’m so sorry you didn’t like them! I’m not sure what went wrong – these cookies aren’t bitter. I’m wondering if something got measured wrong? At any rate I hope you give them another shot.

  103. These took no time to! Thank you for sharing the recipe. I added 1/2 cup rolled oats, 3/4 raisins, 1/3 tsp cinnamon and baked for 21 mins. They are perfect and the most delicious thing ever!!! So much easier and faster than a banana bread but tasted just like it. These are the 1 bite banana bread! Will totally make them again! It’s delicious with the almond flour.

    1. You’re welcome! Your additions sound DELICIOUS! Thanks for taking the time to rate and review the recipe, Alison – I appreciate it!

  104. Great recipe! I made it according to your directions but added 1/2 cup of chopped walnuts and sprinkled a few dark chocolate chips on a few of the cookies. They turned out very yummy, even shared the ones (without chocolate) to our dog who also enjoyed them! This recipe is a keeper!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Alyne – I appreciate it! Happy Sunday!

  105. Delicious! I added chocolate chips to half, and they were wonderful both ways!

    1. Thanks Bekah! So glad you loved the banana cookies! Have a great day!

  106. Yvette C Fry says:

    We enjoyed this very much! Thanks

    1. You’re welcome! Thanks the review, Yvette! So glad you enjoyed the banana bread cookies 🙂

  107. Can I use regular flour instead of almond flour? This recipe sounds delicious and would like to try it🤗

    1. Hi Gabrielle! I don’t recommend using regular flour for this recipe. You can read the recipe notes at the bottom of the recipe card for more about this, and the substitution amount if you want to try it. 🙂

  108. I want to try these, but I’m wondering about the Optional Add-Ins… Should I add them all, or can I pick and choose which ones I add/don’t add? I don’t want to mess up your recipe since these look and sound amazing!! I always have ripe bananas around, so this is perfect!!

    1. Hey Jason! Yeah I totally get what you’re saying. I recommend adding the egg and more cinnamon at the very least. But at the end of the day it’s totally up to you what you want to add in! I more often than not make them with no add-ins at all so you won’t mess anything up. Most people like adding in the chocolate chips too. 🙂

  109. Big fan of these! Tasty, sweet but not too sweet, easy. Added some dark chocolate chips. Yum. Will definitely make again!

    1. Thanks Mary! So glad to hear it!

  110. Could I use applesauce to replace the optional egg?

    1. I’ve never tried, you’d just have to experiment. I would probably just leave the egg out all together.

      1. Thank you for the quick response! I am going to make this recipe exactly as you have it without any add-ins the first time and go from there. I am a kitchen novice and kind of a disaster so I truly love and appreciate recipes like this with fewer ingredients and detailed instructions and the video is really helpful for someone like me, as well.

        1. Wow these are just perfect when you have extra bananas.I don’t care for banana bread and was looking for something to use my bananas in this was perfect not to sweet just right

          1. So glad they hit the spot, Michelle! Thanks for the feedback!

  111. I made these today and they are so very yummy. Now I’m going to make another batch for my neighbor.

  112. I just made these and they’re delicious. I did add the egg, vanilla and chocolate chips for my kids as suggested. They’re really tender but hold together and have a delicious banana flavor.

    1. So glad you loved them, Rachelle! Thank you for the review!

  113. tina LaMonica says:

    my cookies were flat and wouldn’t come off the paper! What did I do wrong?

    1. Hi Tina! Be sure to use parchment paper and not wax paper. 🙂

  114. What brand/type of almond flour do you recommend?

    1. Hi Roxie! I recommend the Kirkland brand from Costco, Bob’s Red Mill, or Anthony’s that’s linked in the recipe. 🙂

  115. Has anyone used coconut flour in place of almond? I want to keep them gluten free but have a almond allergy issue.

    1. Great question LaToya! Unfortunately coconut flour won’t work as a replacement. Coconut flour needs a lot of liquid, usually in the form of eggs to yield a good result. This recipe just doesn’t provide that. So sorry!

      1. Thank you, I’m new to all these flour alternatives. Trying to accommodate for everyone’s allergies is difficult. Can’t wait to make these!!!!

  116. Molly Bomberger says:

    I love this recipe so much! I’ve been making it about once a week for around 6 weeks 🙂 I like to put crunchy peanut butter in between 2 for a little sandwich. Delicious!

    1. Such a great idea! Thank you for the review, Molly! So glad you love the banana bread cookies 🙂

  117. I added half the amount of flour in quick oats (so 3/4 cup almond flour/ 3/4 cup quick oats) AMAZiNG!!! I baked them just long enough for a golden brown color and the quick oats add a little “crunch” I will probably eat the entire batch! And be guiltless about it 😍😍❤️❤️❤️ Thank you!!

    1. You’re very welcome! Thanks for taking the time to comment on the banana cookies, Chelsee!

  118. These are sooo easy and delicious! Surprisingly so. They taste like little pieces of banana loaf with a crispy coating. I added some lilys chocolate chips and vanilla and they came out perfect. I’ll definitely make them again. Even my husband thought they were yummy!

    1. Yay! I love hearing this! Thanks, Shaylea!

  119. These didn’t come together as cookies for me (not even as cake cookies). It seems to have the consistency of cake, not cookies.

    1. Hi Miri! Thanks for trying my recipe. These banana bread cookies have the texture of banana bread. Not traditional cookies, as stated in the post. They’re basically banana bread in cookie form 🙂

  120. These sounded good because I love banana bread! They came out awful! I followed recipe exact, except used wheat flour and added some mini chocolate chips. I did not cook them as long as recipe said and they were just right lightly browned, yet very dry. Also zero flavor. I actually threw them out, which I never do. Had my son and husband also try them and they were shocked how awful. I wasted all these ingredients and time, then had to run out to store to buy cookies to bring with us. Any ideas why these didn’t work? I honestly think there must be some ingredients missing. No sugar? No milk? I even added some mini chocolate chips.

    1. Hi Cheryl! Yes, I do have ideas as to why these didn’t work…you didn’t follow the recipe.😊 Wheat flour is not even close to almond flour. You can’t substitute wheat flour in this recipe. The structure and nature of the two are not comparable whatsoever. Soooo many adjustments would need to be made if using wheat flour. That would be a different recipe entirely. Also, because this recipe is sweetened almost entirely by bananas, be sure to use ones that are really overripe. No added milk, or sugar – besides the pure maple syrup listed in the ingredients is needed. I hope these tips help and that you give them another try!

  121. These tasted horrible. I couldn’t even swallow the cookie itself. Threw it all out. Thanks.

    1. So sorry to hear that! You are definitely the minority. Wonder what went wrong?? What substitutions did you make? You really need to follow the recipe on this one.

  122. Alex Slack says:

    These are my new favorite cookies and OH SO EASY, not mention OH SO DELICIOUS!

    I followed recipe exactly (even baked for 28 min) and for the add-ins I chose the peanut butter, chocolate chips (okay I added a lot more than called for lol), extra cinnamon, vanilla, and a flax egg!

    1. Yum! Love all the add-ins you chose! This comment made my day. Thanks Alex!

  123. Hi Jill ,
    I looked at your video I didn’t see you adding an egg or maybe I missed it , I want to bake your recipe I am just a bit confused about the add ins , I never seen add in an egg it’s quite a lot of liquid , can you explain to me how this would work ? It would add so much more liquid making the batter runnier . I saw you flattened the cookies with a fork the batter didn’t seem thick . Thank you very much

    1. Hi Brigitte! I’d be happy to explain. 🙂 When I first created this recipe I was trying to keep it to as few ingredients as possible as well as vegan. That’s why you see no egg in the video. This recipe has been made by thousands of people with lots of feedback and so I’ve listed some add-ins that have worked well for my readers over the years, just as an option for others to try if they’re interested. The egg changes the texture of the cookie and makes it more fluffy, but they are delicious either way! We typically make this recipe without the egg and extra add-ins. You won’t need to flatten the cookies if you use the egg. It is a runnier dough even without the egg. The fork is mostly to have fork marks after it’s done baking. Hope this clears up any confusion. Let me know if you have any other questions. Enjoy!

  124. Okay I made these and LOVE THEM! 5 STARS! I used date syrup instead of maple syrup, and I also used Thai Bananas instead of regular bananas. Also added chopped walnuts! Will definitely be making these again soon — a new STAPLE in our house hahahah thank you Jill!

    1. Thanks for the nice review, KT! I’ve gotta try date syrup in this recipe – that sounds amazing. So glad you loved them!

  125. Made these today, turned out great just the right amount of sweetness.

    1. So glad! Thanks Ann! Happy holidays!

  126. These are SO delicious! Entirely a true banana bread flavor. Loved the extra crispy edges by cooking just 1-2 minutes longer. Still baffled at those on here that add in negative comments, but admittedly say they’ve changed the recipe somehow. These are delicious and well developed just as they are! Thank you, Jill! ❤️

    1. Thank you for your kind comment! I appreciate it! So glad you loved these banana bread cookies. Happy New Year!