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Brands I Love

We’ve been using ButcherBox for years and love it! We’ll probably be lifetime customers. ButcherBox ships meat straight to your door. Learn more about it in this post here: ButcherBox Review and Promo Code


Mary Ruth’s is one of the vitamin brands I trust and use for my family. I think it has great clean ingredients and they offer a wide variety of products. My favorites are the liquid probiotic, liquid zinc, and digestive enzymes. You can click here to save 15% off your first order of at least $23.95 by using code MARYRUTH!

15% Off Your First Order $23.95+ USD with code MARYRUTH at


Bread Srsly is the BEST gluten free sourdough bread! It is so good, you’ve gotta try it. I think it’s best toasted and srsly can’t get enough. Use code SIMPLYJ for free shipping on your first order!

Bread SRSLY Gluten-Free Sourdough

Joovv has a wide variety of lights for red light therapy. I am IN LOVE with red light! I saw improvements in my skin and sleep in just the first week of using it consistently. The benefits of red light therapy are numerous and I recommend you head to their site to read all about it to see if it’d be beneficial for you!

 We use a Berkey Water Filter to purify our water. They use carbon filters to filter out up to 200 contaminants, heavy metals, and toxins. They have extra filters to filter out fluoride and arsenic which I highly recommend. Clean water is a basic necessity of life and is so important for a healthy functioning body. Click here to read more about Berkey Water Filters!