Does Lumebox Actually Work? My Honest Review

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This Lumebox review is a comprehensive look into what the Lumebox is and if red light therapy really works. There's even a discount code!

July 29, 2023
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This honest Lumebox Review will tell you all you need to know about red light therapy, and if purchasing the Lumebox is worth the investment. Hint: IT IS!

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Lumebox Red Light Therapy Reviews

Lumebox Red Light Therapy Review – What Is It?

The Lumebox is a portable red light therapy device. Human bodies can benefit from red light therapy in a number of ways.

And it has over 2000 published studies outlining the benefits of this simple, yet powerful treatment.

The use of red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, or low level laser light therapy, is an underutilized health practice gaining popularity rapidly. And for good reason too. 

Some red light therapy benefits include:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Stem cell activation
  • Increased blood flow
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Increased cellular energy (ATP)
  • Increased collagen production
  • Reduced fine lines, wrinkles, and acne
  • Quicker muscle recovery for atheletes
  • Decreased muscle soreness
  • Help with joint pain


How To Use Lumebox

Using the Lumebox is simple. Just click the power button to turn it on, click it again to choose the red light setting, near infrared setting, or both!

When using the red light setting, it’s best to hold the device about 6 inches away from the spot your’e treating (ie: face, leg).

This will give you the best exposure to the healing frequencies of the red light. Therefore, the red light setting is best used for treating the skin and topical ailments.

But if you’re wanting to just use the NIR setting by itself, it’s best to hold it closer to body. About 2-3 inches away, or even directly on the skin.

Use the NIR setting to target muscles and deep tissue healing.

Lumebox Red Light Therapy Reviews

How I use Lumebox

I almost always use the setting that allows both red light and NIR to shine through, and hold it a few inches away from my body, or put it directly on my skin.

However, if you place it on your skin with the red light setting, be careful – because it does emit heat and can get quite hot against the skin.

Additionally, The Lumebox comes with black out goggles if you have sensitive eyes and need to shield them during treatment.

Please note that if you choose not to wear the goggles, you shouldn’t look directly into the device. It is very bright!

The Lumebox also comes with a charging cord. When the device needs charged, it will alert you by flashing blue lights from the red and NIR light sensors.

You can see how much battery power remains by looking at the light gauge on the right. A full charge is when all 4 light sensors are shining blue.

Truly, it is so easy to use! You’ll get the hang of it on just your first treatment!

Lumebox Review – What Sets Them Apart From Others?

Because it is lower in EMF’s, has zero flicker when running, and is FDA registered, Lumebox is drastically different from other red light therapy devices out there.

And for it’s small size, it covers more surface area compared to it’s competitors. Each bulb offers both near infrared (NIR) and red light.

Whereas other devices only have half the lights putting out NIR lights at one given time. 

Infrared light is able to penetrate to deeper tissues in the body.

With Lumebox, you get 58% more red light irradiance and 80% more NIR irradiance – which means it’s stronger and penetrates deeper into your skin!

It also means treatment times can be less, while still getting the maximum healing benefits. You’ll feel and see results faster with the Lumebox.


Lumebox Red Light Therapy Reviews

Lumebox vs. Joov

Another popular red light therapy device that is comparable in size to the Lumebox, is the Joov. I have owned a Joov and recommended it until I learned about their high emf readings and high flicker rate. This is VERY important to me as I am sensitive to both.

Even if you’re not as sensitive to those things as I am, (I can literally feel the difference between the two devices) it is generally taxing for the body and should be avoided when possible.

I no longer recommend the Joov because of this. Those reasons aside, the Lumebox is way more powerful and covers more surface area. I also love the 3rd party testing. It’s a clear winner in my mind.

Lumebox Pros

  • Longer lasting battery than competitors
  • Covers more surface area compared to other divices it’s size
  • Stonger irradiance – which offers faster and deeper healing
  • It’s portable – take it anywhere!
  • FDA approved (most red light therapy devices are not)
  • Low EMF
  • Low Flicker
  • 30 day return policy (with 15% restocking fee)
  • Use in the privacy of your own home vs. going to an office for expensive laser treatments
  • Created by an MD
  • Offers both red light and NIR light
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Can purchase a Lumebox stand to go with it
  • Incredibly effective
Lumebox Red Light Therapy Reviews

Lumebox Cons

Overheats quickly – let me explain why this isn’t a true con. Lumebox states not to put it directly on the skin, but sometimes I still choose to do that if I’m spot treating for instance my liver, or stomach.

It does overheat when you do this and will need a little time to cool down. I can’t recommend you do this as per Lumebox instructions, but I choose to do it sometimes becasue it’s completely hands off. Note: it IS okay to place directly on the skin when the device is on just the NIR setting.

Not full body coverage – Because it’s not meant for full body coverage, this really isn’t a true con either. (I’m grasping at straws here to try to find a con!)

If you want to treat your full body, you’ll need to invest in a larger red light therapy panel. The only ones I recommend are Biolight and Gembared. These have high irradiance while also having low flicker and low EMF.

Price – this is debatable because we all have different incomes and budgets. Personally, I think it’s priced very fairly for a medical device. I am always willing to invest in my health.

If you’d like to purchase a Lumebox device but it’s out of reach financially, click here to save $250! There is a Lumebox sale a few times a year, but this Lumebox coupon will always work! The Lumebox price is $599. With my savings link the price will drop down to $349 not including shipping. It’s a HUGE savings!

Lumebox Red Light Therapy Reviews

Lumebox Review – Final Thoughts

To sum it up, I have absolutely loved using my Lumebox device. It has become a staple in my personal care routine and a vital component to my healing. The Lumebox benefits are endless.

My main purpose in using it is to increase ATP production and mitochondrial support (I suffer from chronic fatigue and other autoimmune diseases). 

But I have seen improvements in my skin as well as decreased inflammation with injuries (I have some bulging discs that flare up regularly).

I don’t recommend getting a red light therapy device on Amazon. A lot of them are fake, and if they’re not, they are high EMF and high flicker. Which won’t help our body heal. 

Red light therapy is a big ticket item and definitely a big investment. So I highly recommend doing your research before purchasing a red light device. I can confidently say you won’t be disappointed with the Lumebox!

In conclusion, red light therapy is easy and safe. It’s incredibly effective and I can’t recommend it enough! The Lumebox is truly one of my favorite items – if you couldn’t tell from my Lumbox pro review. 🙂


Lumebox Red Light Therapy Reviews

Lumebox Q and A

Questions about RLT

Q: Is red light therapy a scam?

A: Absolutely not! There have been many published articles on the efficacy and benefits of red light therapy. Not to mention a whole lot of anecdotal evidence. However, not all red light therapy devices are created equal. Therefore, I highly recommend getting a device that has been 3rd party tested and is proven to do what it says. That’s why I recommend the Lumebox!

Q: Does red light therapy actually work? Is red light therapy legitamate?

A: Yes! Now I can’t say it will fix all your ailments and cure every ill, but studies have shown red light therapy does work. And many people have shared their stories of it working for them as well. I personally have seen clearer and less red skin, decreased inflammation and pain, and circadium rythm balance.

Q: Does light therapy actually work for skin?

A: Yes! Red light has been shown to stimulate fibroblast cells which increase collagen production. Collagen helps the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and can lower inflammation. Check out these studies: here and here to learn more.

Lumebox Red Light Therapy Reviews

Questions about Lumebox

Q: Is Lumebox legit?

A: 100%! The company and device are completely legit. Lumebox is one of the fastest growing red light companies because their product is top notch and effective.

Q: Is Lumebox FDA approved?

A: Yes! Lumebox is one of the very few FDA approved red light therapy devices on the market.

Q: Does Lumebox emit UV light?

A: No! Lumebox emits no damaging UV light. So there is no need to worry about any negative effects. 

Technical Questions

Q: What is flicker?

A: Flicker in reference to red light devices, is the unsteady and rapid flashing (flickering) of the light source. Light flicker typically can’t be seen, and is not healthy for our eyes and brains. To test your light source for flicker, take a video of the light in slow motion. If you can see the light in the video flashing, your light is producing flicker.

Q: What is EMF?

A: EMF stands for electric and magnetic fields. It’s a form of energy that radiates off our devices like phones and tablets, or anything electrical. EMF’s can be harmful to our health. So it is counter productive to use a red light therapy device with high EMF’s.

Q: What is the difference between red light and near infrared light?

A: Red light is visible to the human eye. It’s healing frequency is best used for topical ailments, like skin, as it doesn’t really penetrate past that. 

Unlike red light, NIR light cannot be seen by the human eye, but can penetrate deeper into the tissues and help with decreased inflammation and faster healing. It is best for targeting muscles, joints and tendons. 

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