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This Branch Basics review breaks down the different products and explains why I think this non toxic cleaner is the absolute best ever!

February 11, 2022
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This honest Branch Basics Review is my take on the popular non toxic cleaning brand. I’ve been a Branch Basics customer for a long time now and here’s my experience.

There’s also a special Branch Basics discount code if you want to try them for yourself!

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branch basics review

Branch Basics Review – Who Are They?

Branch Basics was started by three women on a mission to lessen the chemical load in their homes and bodies.

Not only do I love that that Branch Basics is women owned, I love that it started from their own health challenges. I love that they took something hard and turned it into something positive, impactful, and rewarding.

Furthermore, I truly believe that Branch Basics is one of the best non toxic cleaning products available on the market. The Branch Basics starter kits are a great place to start if you’d like to try their products.

branch basics review

Branch Basics Review – My Non Toxic Journey

I too, struggle with chronic illness and along my healing journey have learned about the importance of living toxin free. The burden that these synthetic chemicals place on our organs is heavy, and the difference I felt when removing them from my home and personal care products has been life changing.

I’ve been riding the chemical free train for almost 10 years. When I first ditched the toxic cleaners I tried a few other “non toxic” store brands but I didn’t like the smell, how they made me feel (I’m incredibly chemically sensitive), or how they worked.

At this point in time I decided to just start using a vinegar and water solution. The jury is still out if this solution kills germs, but I felt comfortable using it for everything and I liked the way it cleaned so we stuck with it.

Eventually I just wanted to try something different in hopes it also worked better to deep clean. As soon as I came across Branch Basics I was totally sold.

I loved their mission and after trying their products I fell in love with the ingredients and loved how clean they made my home.

branch basics review

 Looking for a Branch Basics Discount Code?
Use code SIMPLYJILLICIOUS at checkout for 15% off the Premium Starter Kit, Glass Starter Kit and Laundry Kit!

Branch Basics Review – What Do They Offer?

Branch basics offers a variety of products from household all purpose cleaners to laundry detergents. Here’s a list of their current products:

Branch Basics Premium Starter Kit – This is the most popular of the starter kits and the best bang for your buck. This kit includes a bottle of concentrate, a 32 oz bottle of laundry detergent, 2 pounds of oxygen boost, foaming hand wash bottle, 1 bottle of reusable plastic all-purpose cleaner, 1 bottle of bathroom cleaner, and 1 bottle of streak free cleaner. It’s a GREAT deal at $69! You can purchase it here.

Branch Basics Concentrate – This plant and mineral based cleanser is the holy grail of products. The concentrate is what you add to water to create your all purpose cleaner. You can purchase it here.

Glass Bottle Kit – This kit comes with 3 empty spray bottles made of glass. They’re labeled “streak free”, “all purpose”, and “bathroom” and come with fill lines so you know exactly how much concentrate and water to add for the perfect clean every time. You can purchase it here.

branch basics review

More Popular Products

Branch Basics Oxygen Boost – Oxygen Boost is a blend of sodium percarbonate and
sodium bicarbonate – which is just baking soda. I use food grade baking soda all the time for my cleaning. Sometimes I use it as an abrasive to scrub stuck on stains on hard surfaces, and I always add a scoop to my laundry. But the oxygen boost is like baking soda on steroids, and I love it! Add a scoop to your washing machine to eliminate stains and brighten your clothes. You can purchase it here.

Dishwasher Tablets – This pouch comes with 40 biodegradable fragrance free tablets. I actually haven’t tried this product so I can’t comment on the performance of this product. You can read reviews on the Branch Basics website if you’re interested in trying this product! You can purchase them here.

Branch Basics Laundry Kit – This kit comes with a bottle of concentrate (which lasts up to 192 loads!), 2 pounds of oxygen boost, and a reusable plastic laundry bottle. Branch Basics products are safe for both standard and HE washing machines. You can purchase it here.

More Popular Popular Products:

Trial Kit – The trial kit costs just 5$ and comes with a small 2 oz bottle of the concentrate, and an empty reusable spray bottle. This is perfect for anyone who wants to spend as little money as possible to get a taste of how the product performs. You can purchase it here.

Travel Kit – This kit comes with mini bottles of the concentrate and the foaming hand soap for hand washing. Perfect for traveling! You can purchase it here.

Accessories – These include empty glass bottles and plastic bottles, wool dryer balls, natural scrub brush, foaming wash, and refills. You can view them here.

branch basics review

Looking for a 2022 Branch Basics Coupon Code?
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Branch Basics Review – How To Use

Using Branch Basics is pretty straight forward and very simple – especially when you invest in their glass bottle system. To use Branch Basics, pour your desired amount of concentrate into a spray bottle, and fill the rest of the way up with water.

Being that the amounts vary depending on if you’re cleaning glass or other surfaces, I recommend getting the glass bottles along with the concentrate. They have fill lines printed on the bottles for easy filling. It totally takes the guess work out of getting the perfect concentrate to water ratio.

You can also do double duty by adding the oxygen boost and the concentrate to really stubborn stains or hard to clean surfaces.

Pros and Cons


  • Fragrance free
  • Safe for kids
  • Preservative free
  • Plant and mineral based
  • Biodegradable
  • Not tested on animals
  • Non Gmo
  • Subscribe and save (cancel anytime)
  • A little goes a long way
  • Women owned


  • No bulk sizes
  • While I think the cost is actually very fair, I do realize it could be out of reach for some. Just remember that when it comes to the concentrate, a little goes a long way! And using clean products is an invaluable investment for your health. You can use code “simplyjillicious” to save 15% off the starter kit!

**If Branch Basics is financially out of reach,  and you’re looking for a safe cleaning product that won’t hurt your health, I recommend good old vinegar and water. It works great!

branch basics review

Looking for a Branch Basics Coupon?
Use code SIMPLYJILLICIOUS at checkout for 15% off the Premium Starter Kit, Glass Starter Kit and Laundry Kit!

branch basics review


Q: How long does the Branch Basics Concentrate last?
A: This obviously depends on how much cleaning you do and how much concentrate you’re adding to your bottles. But let’s break this down to give you an idea of how far a bottle can go. One bottle of concentrate can make 3 bottles of all purpose cleaner, 3 bottles bathroom bottles, 3 streak free bottles, 3 foaming wash bottles, and 64 loads of laundry! That’s a lot!

Q: How much Does Branch Basics cost?
A: You can click here to view their prices. But the most popular Premium Starter Kit retails at 69$, and a bottle of concentrate retails for 49$.

Q: Does Branch Basics kill bacteria?
A: No. Branch Basics removes bacteria with soap and water and manual scrubbing. If you’re looking for a non toxic disinfectant, try spraying hydrogen peroxide onto your surface (after cleaning with Branch Basics) and letting it sit and air dry. This is a great and safe way to disinfect your surfaces.

I also highly recommend Force of Nature or Dr. Brite disinfecting wipes. Both are safe, clean options for a disinfectant. You can use code SIMPLYJILLICIOUS to save on your Force of Nature Starter Kit!

Q: Does Branch Basics really work?
A: Yes! In my opinion it’s the best working non toxic cleaner on the market.

Q: Where is Branch Basics Made?
A: Branch Basics is made in the USA! Yet another reason to love this product!

Q: Is Branch Basics worth it?
A: 1000% yes!

Branch Basics Review – Final Thoughts

All in all Branch Basics cleaner is perfect for my needs. It’s completely safe for my chemical sensitivities and safe for my children to use. I feel like it’s a huge step up from the vinegar solution I was using before.

A little goes a long way and I love how it soaps up a little for a better clean. I really can’t recommend this brand enough! 

Switching out your conventional cleaning supplies for safer, more environmentally friendly cleaners is such an easy way to improve your health almost immediately.

Another key point to make is that they are very transparent with their ingredients which I definitely appreciate.

To be clear, the Branch Basics bathroom cleaner, all purpose cleaner, and streak free cleaner, is all made from the same concentrate. It’s just made with a different water/concentrate ratio.

There’s no need for a bunch of different cleaning products. Branch Basics does it all!

Branch Basics Review – Tips

I love following Branch Basics on Instagram. (You can follow me there, too!) They share some cleaning tips every once in a while that I really enjoy!

One of my favorites has been filling up a handled sponge with concentrate and keeping it in your shower. Every so often use the sponge to wipe down your shower walls to keep everything super clean. I love this tip!

Secondly, another tip for people who like scents, is to add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to your bottles before cleaning. You could even add tea tree oil or other anti bacterial oils for extra cleaning power.

Branch Basics works!

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