Truly Free Laundry Detergent Review – My Honest Thoughts

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This Truly Free laundry detergent review is an in depth look into this non toxic and eco friendly laundry wash. Coupon code included!

September 18, 2022
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In this Truly Free Laundry Detergent Review, I’ll break down the pros and cons, if it’s really toxin free, and answer the most popular question: does Truly Free laundry detergent actually work? Is it the best non toxic laundry detergent?

There’s even a Truly Free coupon if you’re interested in trying their laundry products for yourself.

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truly free laundry detergent review

Truly Free Laundry Detergent Review – Who Are They?

The mission of Truly Free (also known as My Green Refills), is to make every home a Truly Free home by reducing the amount of toxic ingredients and plastic used in each one.

Before we dive in further, did you know that 700 million plastic laundry detergent jugs are thrown away each year in the United States? HOLY MOLY!

While I’m not anti plastic, I do try to avoid using single use plastics where I can, so I definitely appreciate Truly Free’s innovative approach to reducing plastic waste. Here’s how they do it:

When you order your first bottle of laundry wash, you will receive an empty, reusable laundry bottle. This will be the only bottle you will ever need.

Additionally, when you’re getting low and need to reorder, you’ll be sent a small packet containing the laundry salts. You’ll then dump the contents of the packet into your jug, along with the appropriate amount of water. Shake, and it’s ready to use. It’s so easy!

truly free laundry detergent review

You can sign up for a free membership and choose how often you want the laundry wash delivered, or just make a one time purchase.

But Truly Free isn’t just for the laundry room. In addition to safe non toxic laundry soap, Truly Free offers:

All purpose cleaner
Stain remover (signature stain stick)
Laundry machine cleaner
Wrinkle and static releaser
Glass cleaner
Hand soap
Fruit and veggie wash
Dishwasher soap
Dishwasher rinse aid
Stone and steel polish
Dish soap
Floor cleaner
Odor remover
Furniture polish
Dryer sheets (dryer angel)
Fabric softener
And more!

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truly free laundry detergent review

Is Truly Free Really Non Toxic?

Let’s take a look at the ingredients in this laundry wash that claims to be free of toxic chemicals.

truly free laundry detergent review

Sodium Citrate – This ingredient is used to get the proper acidity. It’s found in fruit and fruit juices.
Tetrasodium Salt – used as a cleaning agent
Sodium Carbonate – an inorganic salt
Polyacrylic Acid Sodium Salt – used as a cleaning agent
Essential Oils (Excluded in the unscented version)
Plant-Based Surfactants (Sodium Cocoate) – found in fatty acids from coconut oil.

I like to research specific ingredients using the EWG skin deep database. While not perfect, it is a great resource for checking the toxicity levels of specific ingredients. Let’s see what the EWG has to say about these ingredients:

truly free laundry detergent review

As you can see, the ingredients in Truly Free laundry soap rank incredibly low! Which means they are low toxicity and safe to use.

Truly Free Laundry Detergent Review – Does It Really Work?

I’ve had great success using this natural laundry detergent. It performed just as well as my previous mainstream detergent and is WAY less toxic.

In fact, I’ve had no issues with stains, bad smells, or an overall feeling of uncleanness after washing my clothes.

However, I do like to add baking soda or Branch Basics OxyBoost to every load I do, and I feel like that helps boost any detergent I’m using so my clothes are guaranteed to come out fresh!

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truly free laundry detergent review

Truly Free Laundry Detergent Review – What’s NOT In It?

Most mainstream laundry detergents have a whole slew of toxic ingredients. The “fragrance” ingredient alone can contain up to 3,000 different chemicals and is synthetic (man made) as opposed to natural.

Unfortunately, these ingredients interrupt our bodies normal functions, burden the endocrine system, irritate the eyes and lungs, and can build up over time in our bodies. No thank you!

Truly free laundry products are made with 100% non toxic ingredients and natural fragrance from essential oils.

Another thing to note, is that greenwashing is also common among laundry detergents and other household products. Greenwashing is a marketing tactic where a product is used to look clean but really it contains some toxins you should avoid.

To learn more about what chemicals to avoid and the safest products to use in your home, check out my Healthy Home Guide!

truly free laundry detergent review

Truly Free Laundry Detergent Review – Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • You can easily store 100 mix-in packets but not 100 bottles of detergent
  • Decreases the amount of plastic waste
  • Completely non toxic and safe to use
  • Affordable
  • Plant based
  • Eco Friendly
  • Cloth diaper safe
  • Safer than store-bought laundry detergent
  • Get a one time purchase or sign up for a membership to receive benefits and discounts.
  • Safe and effective
  • Made in the USA

The Cons

  • You can’t buy Truly Free in stores – Make sure you’ve always got some on hand and order before you run out since you won’t be able to swing into the local store to grab some!
  • The unscented version has a smell which is unfortunate for those who need something truly fragrance free.
  • I’ve come to find that the effectiveness of Truly Free (and all natural laundry detergents for that matter) depend on your water. The chemical makeup, and the softness/hardness of peoples water vary’s greatly. This can play a role in the performance of your laundry detergent. However, Truly Free states they work well in any type of water!

Truly Free Laundry Detergent Review – FAQ’s

Q: What is the best laundry detergent to use without chemicals?
A: My top 3 picks for the best non toxic laundry detergent are Truly Free, Branch Basics, and Molly Suds Unscented.

Q: How do I cancel Truly Free?
A: If you sign up for a Truly Free Membership, cancelling is easy. Either call customer service and cancel over the phone, or login to your membership portal to cancel the membership and any further shipments. If you just made a one time purchase, there’s nothing to cancel.

Q: What is a natural alternative to laundry detergent?
A: You’ve come to the right place! Truly Free is a great option! For my other recommendations check out my Healthy Home Guide!

Q: What is a natural laundry booster?
A: My favorites are baking soda and Oxyboost from Branch Basics but washing soda, and Truly Free’s OxyBoost work great too.

Q: Is Truly Free cruelty free?
A: Yes, Truly Free is cruelty free!

Q: How much does Truly Free cost?
A: 1 jug of laundry detergent costs $17.96 and lasts for 50 loads. That equals about 36 cents per load. Click here to get 50 free loads!

Q: Is free and clear laundry detergent better?
A: The short answer is yes. Free and clear detergents don’t contain any dyes or fragrances – which are incredibly toxic. However, it’s also tricky marketing because free and clear detergents can still contain toxic ingredients. Usually in the form of preservatives and brighteners.

Q: Where can I find a Truly Free Coupon Code?
A: Right here! Click this link to enjoy 50 free loads of laundry!

Truly Free vs Branch Basics

I’ve personally tried both Branch Basics and Truly Free for washing laundry. I use Branch Basics products in my home and absolutely love them.

My favorite products are the concentrate (used for all purpose cleaning and laundry) and the OxyBoost (used as a laundry booster and stain remover). You can read more about it here: Branch Basics Review

If you’re interested in giving Branch Basics a try, You can save 15% off any starter kit with code SIMPLYJILLICIOUS

Due to my clothes coming out clean, I found that they both worked incredibly well!

But I do feel like Truly Free did a better job at cleaning heavily soiled loads. However, I love that Branch Basics is completely fragrance free (personal preference.)

Both options are completely non toxic and safe to use. You can’t go wrong! And again, the makeup of your water may contribute to one working better than the other.

Overall, Truly Free is a great natural laundry option. For other suggestions on laundry detergent and other non toxic household products, check out my Healthy Home Guide!

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